Establish your business in Västervik

Are you planning setting up a business? Västervik is the ideal place to live and work in.

Fact file about Västervik
36,000 people live and work in Västervik Municipality today. Approximately 21,000 live in Västervik city itself. 8,000 people live in the municipality’s other urban areas – Ankarsrum, Edsbruk, Gamleby, Gunnebo, Hjorted, Loftahammar, Totebo and Överum – and the remaining enjoy rural life. 400,000 people live within a radius of 100 kilometers from Västervik and 720,000 people live within 2 hours drive.

Västervik is situated in south eastern Sweden by the Baltic Sea in the province of Småland. The beautiful archipelago has 5,000 islands and the coastline stretches for 550 kilometres along the Baltic Sea coast. The city of Västervik, an ancient maritime and shipbuilding town
whose proud cultual traditions date back to 1433, has attractve residential and commercial facilities.

The ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus was born and raised in Västervik. ABBA was also formed in Västervik. Besides ABBA, Björn, together with Benny Andersson, have written several worldfamous musicals. Quite recently Mamma Mia. Björn is now investing 150 million SEK in a time share projekt in central Västervik – called Slottsholmen .

Examples of the largest private employers in Västervik’s community is today:

  • Gunnebo Industrier AB – Lifting, fastening, blocks & non skid
  • Elfa International/Sweden AB – Creative storage
  • Ankarsrum Industries AB – Electric Motors, research and development and manufacturing of dc- and ac-motors and die casted parts in aluminium and zink
  • Överums Bruk AB – Farming machinery & ploughs
  • Slip Naxos AB – Grinding wheel
  • Totebo AB – Flat furniture
  • Axalta Coating Systems AB – Powder coatings
  • Saab Barracuda AB – Signature management & camouflage system
  • Wienerbagarn, Findus Sverige AB – Industrial bakery
  • Pentronic AB – leading temperature sensor manufacturer of Northern Europe

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